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My name is Chris - I’m a Full Stack Software Engineer from London.

You may have come across my posts in the past from Medium, Dev.to, Twitter or otherwise - I used to write for a few publications online on front-end technology and general web development in general. You may also have come across me by reading some of my spicier takes like the time I told the Elm community I thought their language wasn’t up to par and got a lot of online hate for it 🫢.

Currently I’m a tech lead for Multiverse - the EU’s first EdTech Unicorn 🦄 where I’m helping make education fairer and more accessible for all. I used to work at Net-A-Porter where I worked on developing ultra-fast web front-ends for the worlds largest luxury commerce platform before my year long stint at Skyscanner working on React Native applications.

I’m a web developer at heart - I love scaling products, adding shiny micro-interactions, and I’ve got a bit of a problem with side-projects - but I tend to dabble in all sorts of software.

I’m not just a developer - don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do, but if I’m not working on a side project, I’m probably doing photography, playing squash, at the gym, reading, cooking, writing or watching football.

I’m friendly, promise - don’t hesitate to reach out.

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My programming love is Elixir - I’ve been a fan since I tried it out 4 years ago and I’m thrilled that I get to write it every day at my job. I’m so thrilled in fact, that I decided to start blogging again so I can continue shouting about it.

I don’t just do Elixir though, I’ve released a few SwiftUI and React Native applications, numerous web apps in a variety of shapes and sizes and plenty of little tools over the years.

I realised a few years ago that I love writing - so much so that I figured it was time for a newsletter since people apparently like reading what I create!

If you’re a software engineer of any level - beginner, expert or somewhere in between then I encourage you to subscribe.

My posts span topics such as, but are not limited to:

  • Language tips (Elixir, React, JavaScript, CSS, Git, Bash, etc.)

  • The frustrations of being a modern day developer

  • Opinions on frameworks and runtimes - I tinker a lot

  • Mental health as a software engineer

  • Launching products & platforms online

  • Design

  • Personal growth

  • Hiring tips

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Chris Gregori

A Full Stack Elixir Engineer and Indiehacker from London Staff Engineer & Tech Lead @ Multiverse Ex: @Net-A-Porter, @Skyscanner, @Reuters Currently building tinytales.io, mealmind.io and madepublic.io